LBJ Social Policy Network of Students and Alumni

LBJ Social Policy Network (SPN) of Students of Alumni

CHASP is the sponsor of the student and alumni club LBJ Social Policy Network (SPN). The SPN welcomes any LBJ student whose area of interest is or intersects with social policy. Throughout the year, SPN and CHASP collaborate to provide students and alumni a platform to connect and interact with each other, distinguished faculty, and public and private sector leaders. SPN also coordinates its own volunteer events, social events, and special events.

CHASP also supports LBJ School students through the CHASP Ambassador Program, providing sponsorships for special events, conferences, and opportunities throughout the year. CHASP Ambassador opportunities are communicated via the student/alumni university-based SPN listserv.

Connect with CHASP and SPN:

  1. Join the student/alumni SPN listserv to remain updated about the upcoming SPN meetings, events, social policy intern and full-time job announcements. For students and alumni only.
  2. Join the CHASP email list to get professional news, events of interest, faculty fellow and student updates, and more
  3. Follow CHASP on InstagramFacebookTwitter.
  4. Join the SPN Facebook group, a private interactive forum for students and alumni connected to social policy issues to share info that would be of interest to their peers and colleagues (news, events, jobs, etc.).
  5. Like the SPN club Facebook page.

2017-2018 SPN Leadership

Executive Board

President – Luisa Alejandra Tello
Vice President – Rosa Evelyn
Publicity Director – Open

Committee Chairs

Academic Enrichment – Yeo-Ri and Audry Muntz
Community Engagement – Robert Epstein and Lucia Montes
Professional Development – Robert Epstein and Lucia Montes