Recent Publications

We are pleased to share the full-text documents of recent CHASP publications chronologically below. For a list of publications by topic, please visit the LBJ School Research Portal.


“Why Are Educated Adults Slim — Causation or Selection?” Paul T. von Hippel and Jamie L. Lynch. 2014.

“Parental Employment and the Well-being of Children.” Carolyn J. Heinrich, 2014. 

“The Politics and Statistics of Value-Added Modeling for Accountability of Teacher Preparation Programs.” Jane Arnold Lincove, Cynthia Osborne, Amanda Dillon, and Nicholas Mills. 2014.

“Lessons Learned From Teaching the Affordable Care Act of 2010.” Jacqueline L. Angel and Toni P. Miles. 2014.

“Waivers and Transfers of Juveniles to Adult Court: Treating Juveniles Like Adult Criminals.” Michele Deitch and Neelum Arya. 2014.

Temporary Help Work: Multiple Job-Holding and Compensating Differentials.” Sarah Hamersma, Carolyn J. Heinrich and Peter Mueser. 2014.

“The Adoption and Diffusion of Evidence-based Addiction Medications in Substance Abuse Treatment.” Carolyn J. Heinrich and Grant R. Cummings. 2014.

“Can You Leave High School Behind?” Sandra E. Black, Jane Arnold Lincove, Jenna Cullinane, and Rachel Veron. 2014.

“Instruction Matters: Lessons from a Mixed Method Evaluation of Supplemental Educational Services under No Child Left Behind.” Annalee Good, Patricia Burch, Rudolph Acosta, Mary Stewart and Carolyn Heinrich. 2014.

“Improving the Implementation and Effectiveness of Out-of-School-Time Tutoring.” Carolyn J. Heinrich, Patricia Burch, Annalee Good, Rudy Acosta, Huiping Cheng, Marcus Dillender, Christi Kirshbaum, Hiren Nisar and Mary S. Stewart. 2014.


“Do Public Employment and Training Programs Work? Nonexperimental Net Impact Estimates of the Workforce Investment Act Program.” Carolyn J. Heinrich, Peter Mueser, and Kenneth R. Troske. 2013.

“The Efficacy of Private Sector Providers in Improving Public Educational Outcomes.” Carolyn J. Heinrich and Hiren Nisar. 2013.

“Discouraging Disadvantaged Fathers’ Employment: An Unintended Consequence of Policies Designed to Support Families.” Maria Cancian, Carolyn J. Heinrich, and Yiyoon Chung. 2013.

“Cream-skimming, Parking and Other Intended and Unintended Effects of High-Powered, Performance-Based Contracts.” Pierre Koning and Carolyn J. Heinrich. 2013.

“The Politics and Statistics of Value-added Modeling for Accountability of Teacher Preparation Programs.” Jane Lincove, Cynthia Osborne, Amanda Dillon, and Nick Mills. 2013.

“Extending the History of Child Obesity in the United States: The Fels Longitudinal Study, Birth Years 1930-1993.” Paul T. von Hippel and Ramzi W. Nahhas. 2013.

“Should a Normal Imputation Model be Modified to Impute Skewed Variables?” Paul T. von Hippel. 2013.

“The Bias and Efficiency of Incomplete-Data Estimators in Small Univariate Normal Samples.” Paul T. von Hippel. 2013.

“Statin Therapy for Hyperlipidemia.” Paul T. von Hippel. 2013.


“How Credible is the Evidence, and Does It Matter? An Analysis of the Program Assessment Rating Tool.” Carolyn J. Heinrich. 2012.

“Further Comments On the Papers by Marks and Regnerus.” Cynthia Osborne. 2012

“Family Structure Transitions and Changes in Maternal Resources and Well-being.” Cynthia Osborne, Lawrence Berger, & Katherine Magnuson. 2012.

“A simplified equation for adult BMI growth, and its use to adjust BMI for age.” Paul von Hippel and Jamie Lynch. 2012.

“The influence of price on school enrollment under Uganda’s policy of free primary education.” Jane Arnold Lincove. 2012.

“Health-care service utilization in substance abusers receiving contingency management and standard care treatments.” Todd A. Olmstead, Jeffrey P. Cohen, and Nancy M. Petry. 2012.

“Counselor training in several evidence-based psychosocial addiction treatments in private US substance abuse treatment centers.” Todd A. Olmstead, Amanda J. Abraham, Steve Martino, Paul M. Roman. 2012.

“Illicit drugs and drug-related crime.” Jody L. Sindelar and Todd Olmstead. 2012.

“Seventeen, Going on Eighteen: An Operational and Fiscal Analysis of a Proposal to Raise the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in Texas.” Michele Deitch, Rebecca Breeden, and Ross Weingarten. 2012.

“The Need for Independent Prison Oversight in a Post-PLRA World.” Michele Deitch. 2012.