Research at CHASP

Research at the Center for Health and Social Policy focuses on how we can most effectively intervene in health, economic and social systems to tackle the root causes of public problems and generate long-term improvements in health, economic and social well-being.  Faculty and staff engaged in research at CHASP:

  • Pursue bold questions that lead to significant advances in education, health, social service system and workforce development outcomes;
  • Elevate policy debates with knowledge and guidance that forge new policy directions to meet community needs, and
  • Prepare the next generation of policy leaders and program implementers who will shape the future of education, workforce, health and social service systems.

Our research recognizes the vital linkages between education, health, social and economic contexts in creating new opportunities to increase human and economic potential.  Accordingly, we pursue a life-cycle approach that values and fosters investments in human well-being from birth through old age.  A central goal of our research is to generate rigorous evidence-based findings and inject them into policymaking to directly impact human, societal and economic outcomes.

Please see our featured research, recent publications and policy briefs and reports for more information on our research projects and findings.